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Condor Report #3 -- January 2006

"Condor 392 fledged from its nest cave below the South Rim of the Canyon sometime between December 22 and 23, making a few short but impressive flights in the following few days. Both of the bird's parents located and fed the chick within two days of its fledging, and 392 seems to have made it through its big leap intact and healthy.

Condor 389, Arizona's first wild-fledged condor this year, also appears to be doing very well, making progressively longer flights and still being very regularly visited by both parents. We all look forward to following the continued development of both of these chicks as we move into the beginning of another year and a new breeding season."

Chris Parish just contacted me reporting that young female condor #382, that was produced in Boise and transferred to the Vermilion Cliffs on 15 December, was found dead in the fly pen at the release site yesterday, 9 January. The bird will be sent to the Zoological Society of San Diego Lab for a necropsy today.


Bill Heinrich

The Peregrine Fund


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