Field Trips

Sunday, April 27th, 7:30am
Antelope Island Causeway
Leader: Colby Neuman

We’re hoping to find many species of shorebirds resting and feeding along the Causeway before they continue their migration to Alaska and the Arctic. Enjoy a morning of birding and building up your shorebird ID skills. We’ll also venture onto the island as time allows.

Meet in the SE corner of the ShopKo parking lot in Sugarhouse at 7:30am. Bring lunch and snacks. We’ll return early to mid afternoon. Bring your State Park pass if you have one or prepare to share the entry fee cost/vehicle.

Call Deedee (272-8060) for more information

Field trips have to be planned well in advance.
Occasionally we have to cancel a trip, or location or times change.
Therefore it is important to confirm details with the leader.

Beginners and guests are always welcome on Audubon field trips.

For more information
contact Deedee O'Brien at
or Sylvia Gray at

We encourage carpooling on our field trips. Contributions towards gas money would be appreciated. For local trips, under 40 miles round trip, we suggest $3 per person and for round trips over 40 miles we suggest $5 per person.

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